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R4 3DS flashcart


the R4 flash storage device a necessity in an age where more people are downloading games onto their Nintendo 3DS? Although Nintendo has long since taken action against R4 flash carts and other flash carts, many people still use these storage devices for various reasons.


Behind the R4


R4 flash carts are a type of storage device used for Nintendo DS consoles. These special storage devices are mainly used on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSI and the Nintendo DSI XL. However, newer R4 flash carts, such as the R4 3DS, have been made for the Nintendo 3DS.


R4 flash carts are popular for a reason. They can be used to store various games, including SNES games, DS games and homebrew games and applications. The R4 3DS also lets users store R4 3DS games.


It also converts both consoles into a multimedia player. With the use of applications and the existing software, they can watch and listen to different media from their console.


Even though the R4 and the R4 3DS models are remarkable devices, they’re often ‘policed’ by Nintendo themselves. They account for a lot of the piracy associated with the Nintendo DS. While that negative aspect mars the reputation of the R4 and the R4 3DS, it doesn’t mean they’re competent devices.


Buying an R4 3DS


The original R4 marked a change in how savvier gamers gamed on their Nintendo DS consoles. They no longer had to lug around several DS games when they were on the go. Instead, they could carry their games on one device. It was a sound alternative for gamers who wished to have downloadable DS titles during a time where downloadable games were in relative infancy.


R4 3DS and similar R4 devices are best used for homebrew games and applications. They allow people to use ‘third party indie’ applications that they can obtain outside of the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


That raises the question: who should buy the R4 3DS and similar R4 devices?


Well, the people who are most suited for this device are savvier gamers. That means gamers who may already know about the R4 will get more out of using one to supplement their Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS.


Casual gamers generally don’t know about R4 3DS and similar models, so they’re usually not the ones using this type of device. Since most R4 3DS and similar devices are only obtainable through their manufacturer websites, it’s still a little tricky for casual consumers to stumble upon them on the market.