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A Moment With Overwatch’s Game Director

Overwatch is just simply one of the best most popular games as of the moment. The first-person shooter has amassed millions of fans. Heck, this game even surpassed League of Legends in Korea in terms of popularity.

Ever since the Competitive Ranked Play was introduced, Overwatch’s game director, Jeff Kaplan, looks at the game closely and see what is happening.

In a recent interview, Kaplan was asked a few key questions about the game in general and what fans should expect in the near future.

In today’s article, I will talk about some highlights from the interview and what we can get from what he said.

1. When asked about the game’s competitive mode. Jeff said that the competitive ranked play was far different before than the actual one that was released. He said that the competitive mode that was once perceived was actually just a 6v6 match without any objectives; just pure multiplayer brawling. That has since changed because of the introduction of some game objectives and it has actually worked for them and the players.

2. When asked about the change in the mechanics of the competitive mode. Initially, Kaplan rejected the notion of banning the hero stacking mechanism. For those of you who do not know, hero stacking is when one team decides to choose only one character, which gives the other team an extreme disadvantage. Kaplan said that he and his team actually reads user feedback (especially on their forums) and they have since changed the competitive mode ruling. Hero stacking may not be available on competitive mode anymore but it is still okay in versus AI or quick play matches.

3. When asked about the Skill rating of competitive gameplay. Some players wanted to test their mettle in the game and the only way for Kaplan and his team to do it is by introducing the competitive ranked play. Even though they did implement the system, Kaplan did say that it was very hard to do this, especially since Overwatch is more or less a team-based game. But, Kaplan will be looking into this and he will be getting user feedback and adjust the competitive ranked mode over time.

4. When asked how they deal with “toxic” players. Toxic players are ever-present in online games. These people are characterized by their rude behavior and demeanor in games. These people use profanity to express their discontent, for example. Kaplan said that they are working hard to prevent toxic players from ever proliferating in the game. They have revamped the report button so whenever you use it, the toxic player that was reported will be sanctioned almost immediately (with the appropriate investigation, of course). Players should not worry as Blizzard has employed a 24-hour customer service support so their reports will always be attended to.

5. When asked about hitboxes. The game is not only about completing map objectives but also about skill. Apparently, some heroes have bigger hitboxes than others. This presents a problem for people who like playing Hanzo, for example. By using his arrow and by not actually aiming for the target, the Hanzo player seems to hit the target each and every time, provided that he shot the arrow just in close proximity to the actual target. Kaplan said they will rectify this and will fix this in a future patch.

Overwatch is a highly competitive first-person shooting game. It is nice to see that the game director is working hard and looking into user feedback to help improve the game.

Overwatch is available on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.