Amped Wireless REC10 High Power 600mW Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender

Wi-Fi extenders or Repeaters are always a welcome addition. Why? Because the internet age is here, and the demand for it is ever increasing. But, why do we need Wi-Fi range extenders, even if we already have a fully capable router, you ask?

Well, most modern routers today are very capable of transmitting signals through large distances that spans all the corners of your house. That is the ideal scenario. But, the real world is different; some of our homes and offices are made with concrete and other materials that can inhibit your router’s WiFi range.

Because of that, people experience deadspots in their home or office. Deadspots are zones or areas of your home where your router’s WiFi signals cannot reach. This is really frustrating, I know, because I have deadspots in my house too.

Luckily, there are cheap Wi-Fi range extenders out there that are not only efficient, but is easy to install as well.

The Amped Wireless REC10 Wi-Fi Range Extender is a highly compact, yet very powerful Wi-Fi Range extender. It sports an elegant Wall-plug design, which doesn’t take a lot of space at all.

Here is the product description for the REC10:

The Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Range Extender, REC10, widens the range of any wireless network. Equipped with dual 600mW amplifiers that transmit through walls and reduce WiFi dead spots, this item increases streaming HD video range and gives you the power to browse the internet with ease. The Amped Wireless Range Extender, High Power 600mW Compact, is simple to set up and easily works with any PC, tablet or smartphone. This extender scans for available WiFi networks and broadcasts them to broaden the scope of your network choices.

As you can see, there is really nothing special about what they’ve said about the product. But, they do highlight some of the REC10’s features. They noted that the REC10 comes equipped with dual 600mW amplifiers that are able to penetrate through those thick walls, thus, eliminating dead spots.

Also, it has a compact design which makes it unobtrusive, and it is also easy to setup as well. It also comes with a 2DBi, high-gain, detachable antenna which can rebroadcast your router’s Wi-Fi signals across larger distances throughout your home or office.

The Amped Wireless REC10 also boasts of a coverage area of 6,500 sq ft.

How does this Wi-Fi Range extender fare with customers?

Khan: “Works as advertized. Set Up was very simple and straightforward. The unit increased my WiFi to the areas I needed outside of my home. It’s great listening to internet radio from my deck and gazebo.”

Liz: “I have my router in the basement and I have this extender set up in my living room. Now, my 2nd Floor and my backyard is completely cover with strong wireless signal. My house is around 2000 square feet, duplex. the set up only takes around 3 mins. Instruction is clear and simple.”

The Amped Wireless REC10 WiFi Range Extender costs at a low price of $53.86. With a 600mW amplifier, a detachable 2DBi antenna, and wall-plug design, this compact Wi-Fi range extender does the job really well for the price.

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