Possible hCG Diet Dangers

Do you want to lose weight and you want to know the best diet plan possible in order to do that?

You’ve probably searched the internet for that diet plan and you’ve probably come across the hCG diet.

The hCG diet is one of the most popular diets in the world mainly because of the fact that you can lose as much as 1 to 2 pounds of fat per day.

But the diet is called as such because of its use of a human hormone that is commonly found in the placenta of pregnant women.

That hormone is none other than the human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. Dr. A.T.W Simeons, the author of the diet, has found out that this magical hormone does wonders for people’s weight given that they eat a calorie restricted diet.

Now, as with all other diet plans out there, the hCG diet has its fair share of negatives and possible dangers.

In this article, I will talk about the possible dangers that the hCG diet brings. And no, it is not as severe as you think but they are so common that I felt the need to impart knowledge about them.

So, without further delay, here are the possible dangers of the hCG diet:

  1. Headaches. When you’re on the hCG diet, getting headaches is a pretty common occurrence. If you’re overweight before you tried the hCG diet, headaches may occur to you because of the fact that you’re going to eat calorie-restricted meals for weeks. Don’t worry, though, because this is just the body’s defense mechanism; your body will get acclimated in the long run.
  2. Itchiness. This is another common occurrence for people who are on the hCG diet and this is usually tied to people who have allergies. The hCG hormone, as common as they may be, tend to induce allergic reactions for some people. Again, this is not a cause for concern as it is just your body’s way of acclimating to the new scheme.
  3. Inflammation. Inflammation while you’re on the hCG diet can occur when you’re using a non-sterile injection. Always make sure to use alcohol pads to severely reduce this problem from occurring. Also, inflamed areas can also induce itchiness. Aside from using alcohol pads, you can ditch hCG shots altogether and just use homeopathic hCG drops instead.
  4. Muscle Cramps. Just recently, I’ve been reading reports of people who are suffering from muscle cramps just a few weeks after they’ve started their hCG diet journeys. After much research, I can definitely say that that is because of muscle atrophy. You see, when you’re on the hCG diet, you are now encouraged to workout mainly because you only have a limited amount of energy. Although you do get energy from the fat-burning process, it is still not encouraged to exercise.

These are the possible and most common hCG diet dangers you may encounter. Do note that you may or may not experience any of these symptoms. It is also possible that you will experience all of them, but if you follow safety guidelines, you should be okay.

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