Skype for Mobile Phones

With technology ever-evolving, Mobile phones have presented us a way to help us communicate with our loved ones. We now have a way to see their faces thanks to a particular mobile phone App.

Introducing Skype, the popular VoIP software in computers is now available for the iOS and Android platforms. Skype, too, has evolved over the years and we will go over its features one by one.

First of all, there are over 250 million users that are using Skype. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Skype is a free app that lets you talk and see your friends and family’s faces.

Another feature of Skype is that it gives you the ability to talk to your loved ones for free. Most other applications require you to pay a certain fee to be able to enjoy this kind of service. But, not with Skype, the application is free to use forever.

Skype’s main interface is also clean and streamlined. It is easy to navigate and you can easily search friends and family who are using Skype. Also, calling them on the app is as easy as tapping their profile and pressing that Call button.

Skype is not limited to talking or VoIP, by the way, you can also send messages if that is your thing. Couple that with a feature called “Skype Mojis”, this feature allows you to send short video clips or movie snippets on the Skype chatbox.

If a particular friend of yours does not use Skype, this app also allows you to call your friends for a small fee. The Skype call to mobile phones are quite cheap and you can send them a call any time of the day.

Skype also allows you to make a conference call. Invite multiple friends and family in on the conversation so that you can discuss matters that are important for you, your family and friends.

Since Skype is already a cross-platform application, you can use the app on any platform as well. You can use it on the PC, you can use it on your mobile phone, and you can also use it on your tablet. You only need to register once and you can use this account on any platform, anytime and anywhere.

And lastly, Skype allows you to add unlimited people. As mentioned previously, Skype has been used by more than 250 million people across the globe. There is no limit as to how many people you want to add, so that is a huge plus.

Skype’s main features are free to use. The only time Skype will charge you anything is if you are going to use Skype to call mobile phones that do not have the application.

Chat with anyone, video call your friends and family, chat using the application, create a conference call and invite many people, you can do a lot of things with Skype.

Skype is now available for the PC, mobile phone platforms (Android and iOS are supported) and tablets.

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